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Foam Pump Proportioning System

The foam pump proportioning system is the unit to supply foam solution for foam system. It is especially applicable to petrochemical enterprises, oil depots, wharfs and drilling platforms. The system mainly consists of atmospheric foam tank, foam pump, dynamic unit, balance valve, foam proportioner, control valves and control system.

Movable Foam Cart

The mobile foam cart is applied in fire of class A and mixed fire of class A and class B. It can be used independently or cooperate with large scale fixed foam extinguishing system. The prominent advantages are that it's very convenient and used along with foam guns and foam generate system to compose low, middle and high expansion foam extinguishing system.

Foam Chamber

Foam chamber is generally fixed on the top of the wall of an oil tank. It makes foam when there is foam solution supply. It is used in places such as where inflammable liquid was made, stored and used. It is especially efficient for fire caused by storage tank and big scale of liquid.

High Expansion Foam Generator

High expansion foam generator is the key equipment for high expansion foam system. It is of big frothing volume and can be applied in different cases.

Medium Expansion Generator

The medium foam expansion branch produce medium expansion foam in flammable liquids and solids occasions. The shell of the branch is made of stainless steel. It is lightweight, fitting easily into fire appliance.

Foam Concentrate Ball Valve

Winan's Foam Concentrate Ball Valves come in standard sizes ranging from 1.0 to 2.5 in (DN25-DN65) to match the concentrate inlet thread (or flange) size on Winan proportioners and Inline Balanced Pressure Proportioner(ILBP) assemblies. Each ball valve consist of a factory assembled and tested stainless steel or bronze ball valve,stainless steel hydraulic actuator to the ball valve.The actuator has a position indicator for manual reset.

Foam Trailer With Monitor

Monitors spend most of their lives static and lifeless. But when a fire is detected they can often be the only practical way of applying foam or water to the fire. While simple in principle, monitors are sophisticated pieces of engineering made to deliver a specific performance after long periods of inactivity.

Foam Fighting Robot

Fire Fighting Robot can substitute fireman go deep into dangerous fire scene of flammable, poisonous, hypoxia and fume to put out fire and rescue. The WINAN brand has small size, strong power and it's convenient. It can substitute fireman go deep to dangerous disaster scenes of flammable, poisonous, hypoxia and fume to put out fire and rescue.