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Fire Cabinet

The Fiberglass Fire Hose Cabinet Price, Plastic Fire Extinguisher Cabinet is designed to hold the fire fighting equipment. We supply all kindes of fire cabinets such as fire hose cabinet, fire hose reel cabinet, fire extinguisher cabinet, breeching inlet cabinet, landing valve cabinet, etc.

Fire Hose Reel

The fire hose reel is the early fire fighting equipment which was used when fire just happened and small fire. It consists of valve, intake line, spoke, hose and spray gun. Water can be sprayed out to put out fire while spreading the hose rather than can only be used till it is spread out completely just like the fire hose.

Fire Hose

Our fire hose lined with a thin polyurethane is woven from high-strength polyester. It is characterized by light weight, good resistance to low temperature, high pressure, corrosion and aging. It is very flexible and of ease operation which fits many kinds of workplace.