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High Pressure Water Mist System

The water mist fire extinguishing technology began to be applied to ships to extinguish fires in the 1940s. Since the 1990s, in order to find an ideal fire extinguishing agent to replace haloalkanes, some developed countries have successively researched and developed water mist fire extinguishing systems.  China also included the development of water mist fire extinguishing technology as a national scientific and technological breakthrough. project.

Water Flow Indicator

The ZSJZ series water flow inductor is mainly applied in the sprinkler system. It is the flowing of water that to drive the blade and make the microswitch work by drive group. Thus the flow signal will be switched to electric signal and transmit to alarm center to show the fire position. It was connected with controller to start automatic fire alarm system.

Foam Sprinkler

The reticular foam and water dual sprinkler (PTT/S series) are the specialized units to form and spray air foam, which is mainly used in low expansion extinguishing system. The foam solution conveyed to the nozzle by pipes and inhale air before outlet of the nozzle and then become foams to put out fire. The foam/water combined nozzle can also spray water besides spraying foam.

Standard Response Fire Sprinkler

The ZST series standard response sprinkler is the key unit in sprinkle system. It is consist of sprinkler, heat sensitive component (a glass bulb) and seal. It is installed in protection zone. The temperature of surroundings reaches the motion level when fire breaks up, the liquid in the glass bulb swells and then the glass bulb blasts. Thus, the seal drops and the sprinkler start to work. The sprinkler can detect fire and spray automatically.

Quick Response Fire Sprinkler

Main units of the ESFR series quick response sprinkler are glass bulb, seal and sprinkler. The glass bulb consists of an accurately controlled amount of special fluid hermetically sealed inside a precisely manufactured glass capsule. This glass bulb is specially constructed to provide fast thermal response. At normal temperatures, the glass bulb contains the fluid in both the liquid and vapor phases. The vapor phase can be seen as a small bubble.

Concealed Fire Sprinkler

The reliable concealed sprinkler uses a proven quick response fusible element in a standard style sprinkler frame with a drop-down deflector. This assembly is recessed into the ceiling and concealed by a flat cover plate assembly.

Spiral Nozzle

Spiral nozzle inject water into a spiral extrude orifice. Different from ordinary nozzle, spray pattern of spiral nozzle is not a complete cone, it's a uneven spray pattern instead. This nozzle is a hollow cone nozzle. Spray angle is various from 50° to 170°, flow range from 5.5 to 4140 LPM at 3 bar. Spiral nozzle has compact structure and fluent runner design, which helps reduce hydraulic resistance at the greatest extent and maximize flow capacity.

Spray Head

The drencher head is a unit of manual or automatic drencher system. It forms a piece of water curtain to cooling or isolate fire from spreading. It is usually applied along with safety curtain and glass wall. There are three types available: single outlet, double outlets and cornice outlet.

High Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression System

The high-pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing equipment consists of a bottle rack, a fire extinguishing agent bottle set, a leak detection device, a weightlessness alarm, a high Pressure hose, one-way valve (fire extinguishing agent pipeline), header, safety relief device, selection valve, signal feedback device