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Foam Bladder Tank

The instructions for filling are provided with the equipment. Once the main water flow is established and water inlet and foam outlet valves are opened, the water enters the area between vessel wall and bladder, applying pressure to the bladder. 

Movable Foam Cart

The mobile foam cart is applied in fire of class A and mixed fire of class A and class B. It can be used independently or cooperate with large scale fixed foam extinguishing system. The prominent advantages are that it's very convenient and used along with foam guns and foam generate system to compose low, middle and high expansion foam extinguishing system.

Rubber Bladder 

The bladder bag is the accessory of foam bladder tank, which is a compressible bladder. It is used to store foam concentrate and isolate water. When pressurized water flows into tank to press bladder, foam concentrate was forced out from outlet. 

High Expansion Foam Generator

High expansion foam generator is the key equipment for high expansion foam system. It is of big frothing volume and can be applied in different cases.

Fire Pump Set

Fire pump set consist of one main pump coupled to electric motor, one stand by pump coupled to diesel engine, jockey pumo, pressure vessel, controller for manual or automatic operation of system and standard accessoried mounted on base frame.

Mobile Dual Fire Monitor

The mobile foam monitor is a multifunctional fire product with advanced level. It has some advanced features like the size is small, it's light and foldable. It can be equipped on all kinds of fire trucks, fire boats, airports, waiting rooms, warehouse, wharf and city buildings.The monitor has concentrated jet flow, big flow and long range. Horizontal and pitching angles can be adjusted as requirement.

Foam Pump Proportioning System

The foam pump proportioning system is the unit to supply foam solution for foam system. It is especially applicable to petrochemical enterprises, oil depots, wharfs and drilling platforms. The system mainly consists of atmospheric foam tank, foam pump, dynamic unit, balance valve, foam proportioner, control valves and control system.

Foam Concentrate

The foam concentrate is an efficient foam concentrate. It forms two evaporation suppression protective films on the surface of oil and play dual function of foam and protective film. It has high efficiency, high speed, good recrudescence-preventing property and good leakproofness and long storage life.