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Fire Hose Reel

The fire hose reel is the early fire fighting equipment which was used when fire just happened and small fire. It consists of valve, intake line, spoke, hose and spray gun. Water can be sprayed out to put out fire while spreading the hose rather than can only be used till it is spread out completely just like the fire hose.


Fire Hose Reel Application and use : 

Contruction Building , Shopping mall, hotel, warehouse, house 
Install at indoor fire hydrant cabinet 
Apply to put out Class A fire
Main Spefication 

Swing and Fixed
Hose PVC ,EN694
Hose Diameter1" or 3/4"
length 20M,25M,30M
Parts Steel Drum , Brass Swilve joint ,Brass gate valve ,nozzle plastic or nozzle 
Drum Size500mm, 550MM, 600mm, if no special requirest our size is 550mm


Factory Price Fire Hose Reel for Fire Fighting Equipment

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