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Data Sheet of Firefighting Suit (Black Color)

 Outside Layer

Structure: Cross Grain

Element: 93% Meta-Aramid, 5% Para-Aramid, 2% Anti-Static Fibre

Gram Weight: 210g/ m2

Breadth: 58/60”

Color: Dark Blue

  Water-Resisting Ventilating Layer

Structure: Aramid Felt PTEE Coated

Gram Weight: 105g/m2

Breadth: 58/60”

Thermal Insulating Layer

Element: Aramid

Gram Weight: 150g/ m2 ±10 g/ m2

Breadth: 58/60”

 Comfort Layer(lining layer)

Structure: Tabby

Element: 50% Meta-Aramid, 50% Flame Resisting Viscose

Gram Weight: 120g/ m2

Breadth: 58/60”


                               Technical Parameters

Char length


Flame duration


Hydrostatic pressure resistance




TPP Value

≥28 Cal/ cm2




 The firefighter uniform conform to China GA12-2002 standard

1. This firefighter uniform won't have any change or damage being burned by lighter within 5s;

2. It will begin to carbonize after being burned longer than 5s, but will never get fired;

3. When you take away the lighter after burning it for a long period, there might be a little spark onside but the spark will disappear within 2s;

4. This firefighter uniform can work normally in environment of 250℃ for long time;

5. The performance of the fire protection suit might be worse than normal condition when the temperature reaches into 280℃, but can still work;

6. When the temperature reaches 350℃degree, the suit will begin to carbonize.

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